Marc Gervait

Chief Design Officer

Born in Switzerland, Marc studied business, engineering and material science before obtaining a degree in Industrial Design at the Cleveland Institute of Art & Design, completed by a bachelor of Science in General Business Studies from USF during the pandemic.

After several successful years working as Design Director and Lead Designer, he accepted an opportunity to work in his home country in the luxury interior design industry. He decided a few years thereafter to start his own design and consulting firm, aldesso AG, in order to apply his diverse and transferable skills.

Marc thrives on finding elegant solutions to complex projects. He set himself the challenge to make luxury sustainable.

Ariane Stalé

Chief Operations Officer

Born in Switzerland, Ariane has a degree in business and economics, and started her career in international finance. She worked with the UN in New York for several years, after which she moved to London, UK to turn her focus to project management and operations, working closely with management in the industries of luxury and design, as well as logistics, technology and renewable energy.

 Ariane thrives on organizing and simplifying the complex, which supports the many dimensions of a project, putting her diplomatic skills to good use when necessary.

aldesso … how it all began

The name and concept of Aldesso came to Marc Gervait about twenty years ago as he was a student of Industrial Design at the Cleveland Institute of Art . Aldesso is an Italian-sounding name, in homage to the rich Italian design culture, and it is formed of the first syllable of its three main concepts: Alternate Design Solutions.

Marc and Ariane had known each other for many years, through which they had earned each other’s trust and respect.  They had even co-founded a public speaking club together for their university. While Marc was still in the United States, one of his clients asked him to design their secondary residence in Switzerland. The scope of the project was such that it was possible within the requested timeline, but he would have been unable to be on site as much as he wished because of pre-existing work obligations. Thus, he contacted Ariane, who was in London at the time, to see if she could go there regularly and report to him on the progress of the construction and interact with the craftspeople on his behalf.

Working together even at a distance, they discovered that they had complementary skills and experience, while having the same focus on quality and customer satisfaction. That collaboration was so successful that a few years later they decided to found aldesso AG together, and have since worked on several projects in various locations and the four languages of this website.