We respect our clients’ privacy, which is why we show only details to illustrate the concepts we present. 
Should you be interested in our services, we would be happy to show other interiors in person.


No matter the complexity of the design and construction processes, the result must always feel natural to our clients. This means that it has to represent their sense of style and elegance from minimalistic zen to maximalist rococco. 

The interiors that we create will be the client’s residence, a place for them to live in and be in harmony, or work in and feel inspired. It should express their taste and bring them joy. 

Some clients have very clear preferences from the start, potentially with works of art, furniture, collections that they would like to create their space around, while others discover their own preferences through the process, which is also very rewarding. Most important is for this residence to feel like a home, which is what we aim for and the greatest compliment that we can receive. 

Space and storage optimization

Another of our specialties is the optimization of space, maximizing light, use and flow in an environment to make it seamless and exquisite.

Paired with this is the discreet but efficient and intuitive storage solutions for all items to have their own place in the most logical, safeguarded location.

Whether the storage and organization be for wine, clothes, seasonal items, administration, we design each solution specifically with the purpose, location, use and function in mind, often multiplying usable storage space.


As a designer it is essential to have a holistic understanding, and Marc Gervait has hands-on experience of all the trades that take place on our projects. This experience informs his designs, and while creating a space he takes the construction process itself into consideration.

This in turn significantly lowers the risk of unforeseen events, and optimizes all interactions with the various tradespeople on site.

While rare, it is possible for something to unexpectedly go wrong on a project, not for lack of preparation, but simply unforeseen circumstances. For this reason, we spend a significant amount of time on site and strive to develop a bond of mutual respect and trust with the craftspeople and workers. This means that we will be able to resolve any potential problem together in order to have the result closest to the design which we have promised to the client. 

Our projects finish with knowing handshakes from the team, who push themselves beyond, are proud of what they had achieved and are ready to work with us again.


Sustainability begins and ends with materials. A key part of sustainable design is in the responsible sourcing and processing of materials, with the focus being on local as much as possible.  

Each material is chosen for its properties, and should be as elegant and functional as any other alternative.

These are all parts of the options which we present to our clients. Once the materials are chosen, there are numerous ways to work with them, each more beautiful than the other, bringing out their beauty and the skill of the knowledgeable craftspeople.


Most residences we have worked on have a view that deserves to be framed. We do our best to feature it while finding the delicate balance between light and temperature. 

Within the concept of sustainability, there are numerous arguments which support the use and feature of local materials and craftsmanship. We have found that by including them in the residence as an homage to the location you have chosen, it also translates æsthetically into a home like no other. 

True luxury is not waste, it is uniqueness.