Sustainability is the ultimate investment in the future, it is also an added dimension to what makes a house unique, such as its beauty, practicality, flow, and space optimization.

We believe that it is our role as designers to present to our clients alternate solutions that offer all of the above with sustainable materials and through sustainable processes for an extraordinary result.

Our Services

Based on our experience, and with the aim of clarifying the concept of sustainability, we have developed a specific method to simplify decision-making. Coupled with our wish to raise awareness, we offer a three-pronged approach through the following services:


We pair our many years of experience in interior design with hands-on knowledge of construction methods and optimization in order to create luxurious, sustainable designs. In addition, we present our clients with the various alternatives, while explaining their impacts on several key criteria, and let them choose their preference based on their own values.


After evaluating the needs and understanding the corporate values of our clients (whether they be in the field of design or another industry), we find sustainable solutions for them, which they can use to optimize their activities and incorporate into their own values in the long run. 


There is no single solution to sustainability, rather many small responsible decisions and actions by informed individuals. Conscious that the original concept of sustainability might seem abstract or possibly overwhelming, we break it down and explain its essence in order to raise awareness. Our speaking engagements can take the form of individual speeches or conversations with other guests.

Our clients

Our clients range from firms in all industries to the owners themselves, all stemming from a common intent: responsible living and/or working. Whether the wish to have a sustainable environment is the logical culmination of an already low impact life and career, or whether it is a first foray, potentially to offset a corporate life that has achieved economies of scale in a high impact market – is irrelevant: the purpose is the same and we feel privileged to be part of this process.

Our experience

With combined experience in the fields of industrial and interior design, business, engineering, material science, renewable energies, strengthened over time through numerous project managements in several countries, our management team have applied their common interest in resource optimization and sustainability and have worked on combining their complementary skills.  

Our method

Through numerous conversations and interactions with specialists in lifecycle analysis, materials, recycling, design, craftsmanship, real estate, luxury, we were able to define what the market realistically needs when looking at sustainability with a 360 degree approach. 

With the strong belief that the solutions themselves must be sustainable and scalable, we have incorporated our transferable skills and experience in various industries to culminate in an elegant solution: simplifying the concept of sustainability in order to encourage decision-making and ultimately action-taking. 

Thus, we propose to our clients various alternative design ideas, each of which accompanied with an explanation and a grading showing the estimated impact on several key criteria. It is then up to the client to decide according to their own values. 

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Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, we are simultaneously developing our Lugano location. We work on projects throughout the world, concentrating on local materials and craftsmanship as much as possible in order to minimize impact.