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DESIGN consulting

Contact us at design@aldesso.com for renderings to explore the potential of a space, for the optimization of space and storage for residences, offices and/or yachts, to introduce sustainable solutions such as through material choices and/or construction/production methods, for bespoke pieces (potentially made from reused or repurposed materials), or to ask us about potential work and/or collaborations on other projects.


Contact us at presentation@aldesso.com for presentations on sustainability at large, impacts of individual/corporate decisions on sustainability values, or ask us about tailoring presentations for your specific request.

Our clients

We respect the privacy of our clients and do not publish pictures of the projects we have designed for them. Here are a few quotes of what they think about our work:

Marc is a problem solver par excellence, bringing his broad and varied industry knowledge for novel and creative design approaches, sometimes challenging the status quo, to discover and accomplish a solution for a new or unusual problem.

I am pleased to have you know my high expectations were exceeded by a considerable margin. Your commitment to excellence shows no matter what detail you look at.

Marc is a tremendous “think tank” and quite resourceful, able to figure things out and solve problems, both on a product development and situation basis. His diverse design skills and understanding of materials and their applications enabled the company to customize products to satisfy key client needs and requirements. 

Marc has customized this unit in a manner which markedly improves its functionality over even the original design. He has made numerous changes that allow the residents to live with more grace, ease, and storage space. Marc deserves credit and acknowledgement for his insightful refinements which turned a beautiful space into also an eminently practical one.   

Inspired and moved by Marc’s stories. (Marc shared) precious insights for the future generation to navigate life, work and passion.

After having analyzed our production chain, Marc recommended a few easy to implement changes that amounted to removing an entire day in the production of each engine, saving us a precious 20% in time and money

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Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, we are currently developing our Lugano location. We work on projects throughout the world, concentrating on local materials and craftsmanship as much as possible in order to minimize impact.


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